What are we doing here?

A little bit of everything, I suppose.

I wanted a place to journal but it’s 2017, and I’ll be damned if I’m writing in a notebook!

I’ve always got something on my mind and I’ve been searching for the right “brand” to build it under.

I wanted it to be creative and catchy (like raginrefrigerator.com). But nothing seemed right.

Then it hit me. YOUR NAME! 

Who knows where the spark of genius comes from?

So here we are at dmarella.com. And now the floodgates have opened, get ready for me to hit you with some serious wisdom and nonstop entertainment.

It’s a mystery where this blog will go. I’m not a writer and I don’t have particular plan. 

But you can expect (hopefully insightful) updates about me… anecdotes about raising a daughter on the hard streets of suburban Chicagoland.. productivity tips… thoughts on health and fitness… maybe I’ll share the music I’m listening to or books I’m reading.

This is an experiment in being Dom.

For example, did you know I started a business with a friend in 2015 to capitalize on the hoverboard craze before that Christmas? Sure, that business had its own website. And that website sold hoverboard. Buy it didn’t talk about the process of selling hoverboards. And it wasn’t supposed to.

It didn’t talk about the 3am skype calls with manufacturers in China. Or evaluating whether the cost of a Samsung battery over “china bat” was worth it.

(It was… no fires here)

Or the pros/cons of printing a custom branded box. (We decided against that, by the way.)

So there we have post number one.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this will be fun for all of us.

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