How to start and where to go next?

This is an interesting question…

In the same way I didn’t start because I didn’t have a name, I’m also not sure how to do this.

And I have bad case of ‘paralysis by analysis’ or perfectionist syndrome where I can’t get started until I have the entire plan laid out just right. 

Luckily I got a random LinkedIn connect request from a Microsoft Excel expert (!!) who I have never met before. We have no mutual connections. He’s probably a great guy.

After reviewing his website, it made me realize that my personal blog doesn’t have to be a huge Michael Bay style triple A production.

This simple no frills layout is exactly what I needed to get started.

And this, like anything, will be a constantly evolving work in progress.

So what’s next? You ask.

To answer that, I’m relying on the internet for help. Here are two “Challenges” that will get the juices flowing. 

Stay tuned…

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